In the process of figuring out how to get rid of debt, I have totally gotten caught up in the tiny house movement! I was really inspired by this mom who when she said that she sleeps well at night because they no longer worry about money. I want that!

So I have started a list of stuff to sell, donate, and give to friends. Also over pizza and beer last night with the husband, we have decided to rent out the whole basement! That means major declutter and simplification. I think it is going to be awesome and hard work. When we were first married we lived in a tiny shack by a lake, it had to be about 500sq ft max. Even though the wind blew through it and the roof leaked, we were no less happy there then when we were in a HUGE loft or in our house now. To be honest I think we were happier, life was simple. That is what I really want simple, peace, zen…and to not have to wash tons of dishes. Do we need more then 4 settings? Not if we go tiny house style!