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I am so tired. Going back to work has had our whole family flipped upside down. I really felt the pain when I had both kiddos in meltdown mode when I left for work. Talk about pulling on my heart strings! I know time will easy the transition and hopefully some sort of normalcy will set in.

On the $$ side of things it is awesome to be contributing to the family pocketbook. We have chosen to keep my income in separate from the rest and just use it to pay childcare and loans. I’m super pumped to get my first check on Friday!

We also had a garage sale this past weekend and unloaded a ton of random stuff we just don’t use. Still lots to unload but we are seeing an improvement already and making some cash along the way.

Last night we good a bottle of wine and some ice cream to finally sit down and make a serious budget. We set it up in so we can check it on our phones before making purchases. I still want to watch all the tutorials on but right now it is a good start.


The cause of my resent blog abandonment? I got a job! In my field… And they are a great company! Holy crap, there really is a Santa. I’m in the middle of training and adjusting to being a working lady but I’m really pumped! Granted a good portion of my day shift hours $$ goes to the nanny but everything after is gravy.  I feel really good gong back to work and contributing to the household. The best part is I still get to hang out with my kiddos in the morning. I’ll see less of the husband but absence makes the heart grow fonder!

I have obviously avoiding the saving money portion of this debt reducing scheme.  Why? Because it feels tough enough as it is, I can’t imagine how we could stretch our dollars even further.  But then my husband emailed me this today. A family of 7 on $44,000!  Holy crap.  I feel like a big whiny baby now.  So it is time to get serious about budgeting and find a ways to cut our spending. The first thing we did this week, is park the car.  My husband biked to work 13 miles one way and I biked everywhere with the kiddos!  Since we spend about $2500 on the cars per year it is a great step or rather peddle, in the right direction.



Car trade????

The husband found this and thought we should apply!

No More Harvard Debt

Hi guys, SmarterBucks recently asked me for my thoughts on if I paid off my loans too quickly. Here’s my response:

On August 29th 2011, I embarked on a mission to pay off $90,000 of Harvard MBA student loans as quickly as possible. By zeroing out my savings, looking for ways to increase my income, and cutting back on expenses like flying home to see my family for Christmas, I was able to make my final loan payment seven months later on March 29th.

Was I too aggressive in paying off my loans? Should I have taken advantage of the full 15-year repayment period?

The typical analysis starts with the math. If the interest on my loans averages 5% and the S&P and DJI indices are low-volatility and experiencing consistent returns well above this, then someone with a pure profit motive and just a smidgeon of risk tolerance would favor…

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well pretty much anything.

When your staying home all day with two little people under the age of 3, pretty much everything begins to look exotic and tempting.  For example, last night my husband said, “I’d love to just have two days on a beach to read and write, with no distractions.”  And I responded, “I would love just one hour completely alone…wait, I would love to be able to go to the bathroom, completely alone.”  Dreaming big.

So now it is nap time and the heavens have shined down on me and both kiddos are actually utilizing this time to nap.  Rather then being really quiet like a nap is occuring but actually being totally awake and secretly taking everything out of the dresser and making into a nest on the floor. What to do with this gift?  Start a blog about everything that consumes my thoughts!  Even if I am the only one to read this, who cares, well…I would care a little.

What has been consuming my thoughts, diapers aka anything related to my kids, debt aka approx 120,000 in student loan debt (weeping) and dogma aka what rules do I follow to set in motion an epic change in our lives to get us out of this mess.  Dogma is probably not the right word, but I’m really into alliteration. So its ok.

How did we get here:

Well, give two teenagers with no real parental guidance the option to take out a bunch of loans with the idea that we would grow up to be financial ball’rs and pay it later…um yup, that’s about it.

Where we are now:

If you look up financial wiz advice they often say that our debt is “good debt,” student loans and mortgage.  But it doesn’t feel very good when you have a spouse making a great salary but are still living paycheck to paycheck to pay off two art degrees that are currently not being used in the slightest.  I guess I do get pretty creative at times, but I don’t think it was my formal education that helps me figure out how to change a poopy on a baby trying to make a break for it.

I wanna be a millionaire:

Sure that would be great, but I really just want to have a retirement fund that is comfortable and not being paying evil private lenders with my social security checks.  But how the hell do we do it?  I feel like already we are pretty good a cutting corners with our money but there must be something I am missing because right now I am totally having a hamster moment, running and running, going no where.

So what now?

Lord knows I am not the first to try to be an awesome mom while trying to pay the bills so there has to be some resources out there.  Let the hunt begin! Hopefully not Hunger Games style because I don’t want anyone to die and I get really grumpy when I’m hungry.  Then feel like a jerk mom, when the oldest kiddo asks, “Are you nice mama yet?” So no starving allowed, but maybe more rice and beans, wait….um we are already eating that almost everyday.  crap ok, internet guide me to financial freedom!