Archives for the month of: August, 2013

I am so tired. Going back to work has had our whole family flipped upside down. I really felt the pain when I had both kiddos in meltdown mode when I left for work. Talk about pulling on my heart strings! I know time will easy the transition and hopefully some sort of normalcy will set in.

On the $$ side of things it is awesome to be contributing to the family pocketbook. We have chosen to keep my income in separate from the rest and just use it to pay childcare and loans. I’m super pumped to get my first check on Friday!

We also had a garage sale this past weekend and unloaded a ton of random stuff we just don’t use. Still lots to unload but we are seeing an improvement already and making some cash along the way.

Last night we good a bottle of wine and some ice cream to finally sit down and make a serious budget. We set it up in so we can check it on our phones before making purchases. I still want to watch all the tutorials on but right now it is a good start.


The cause of my resent blog abandonment? I got a job! In my field… And they are a great company! Holy crap, there really is a Santa. I’m in the middle of training and adjusting to being a working lady but I’m really pumped! Granted a good portion of my day shift hours $$ goes to the nanny but everything after is gravy.  I feel really good gong back to work and contributing to the household. The best part is I still get to hang out with my kiddos in the morning. I’ll see less of the husband but absence makes the heart grow fonder!