Job option two: career change to the extreme!

Last night after checking out for the average salaries of the 4 jobs I applied to (yeah, I know should of done that first, but I kinda knew they would be crap). I started having third thoughts, ya know, I already had second thoughts before applying.  Anyway that got me thinking of going into tech, which tons of folks I know do after realizing their dreams just won’t pay the rent.  But, that would be a day job, which means childcare, which means the end of stay at home mom.  Total life flipper for me.

I stay home with my kids for thousands of reasons.  Most days, well a good handful of days, it is amazing and great.  Of course there are the days when I am spent, totally burned out, and become jerk mom.  To be honest is scares the crap out of me to have a stranger raise my kids.  I now we can’t do daycare, since we have done that before and it was just really overstimulating for my highly spirited bigger kiddo.  Most likely we would do a nanny, since there is two of them and that would be about the same cost as two in daycare.  The other thing to consider is the other peoples kiddos that I watch and will be watching.  What about them?  It would awesome to find a high energy, yet calming nanny that would be willing to take them all on.  And maybe it would be best for my kiddos to have someone that comes in fresh and ready for kids and not totally burned out from dealing with their sleeplessness all night.  Also Ma and Pa would also have been kid free all day and super pumped to give them 100% attention.  I am once again trying to talk myself into something.

I could possibly just do this for a couple years then quit after the loans are paid off and homeschool like I had been hoping to do.  If I look at as temporary maybe it won’t seem so awful and sad.  Because as I write this the littlest kiddo is sleeping peacefully in the Ergo for nap.  If I work all day this is something I will not get to see anymore, and that makes me super bummed out.  I guess I should actually get offered a job before I start mourning the loss of my SAHM status and the loss of my daily nap option, because the that perk of staying home is freaking awesome.