I’m trying to decide how badly I want to work in my field.  To be honest lately I have been going a little nuts only getting to talk to little kiddos with the short bursts of conversation with adults at the playground.  My plan has been to go back to work in the evenings but really the only options out there right now are a few major companies that run their businesses like…I can’t think of a metaphor…they run them like crap.  It purely about the owners making money and nothing about the client or the employee.

Here is the pickle I am in:  I haven’t worked in my field in over a year and in hands-on industries you get a little rusty, well anyone would, but most places want you to hit the ground running.  However, when working for a major chain, they tend to not give a crap because like I said it is not about quality but quantity.

So do I just bite the bullet, forget my morals and become a cog in the machine, so that I can get the experience under my belt (I can think of lots of industrial like metaphors here)?  The bummer would be that it would pay sad but will give me the work experience to get into a decent place after a few months or a year.  Once I get out of a chain I could make mad cash in my field and there is lots of room for growth.  I guess I could just apply to them all and see what happens right?  Ugh, I’m feeling slightly dirty already.  But like I keep asking myself, what will feel worse, really feeling the pain for a couple years or having a dull ache of student loans for decades?  I guess I know that I need to sell out…at least for now.