I’m wiped out! Long drives to rarely seen relatives with two kiddos taking turns having meltdowns, leaves me so glad to be home and ready to get back to my latest skeme to fix our finances.

Brainstorm to get $$$$ (this is a lotta dollars thus lots of dollar signs):
Sell stuff. For example, random kid crap, extra bike we don’t use, videos (if anyone still buys DVDs), a car…. OK so the car…. We have two old reliables but one needs break fixing that costs more then the car is worth. So we should ditch it and be a one car and two bike family. Right? Save in gas, insurance, and repair costs. That is huge, but two cars is so nice in the cold, cold winter. But so is not having crazy debt till the kiddos go to college. And a couple cold inconvenient winters is totally worth decades of stress free bank balances. Can you tell I’m talking my self into this. I don’t know why in being such a baby about it. I didn’t have a car for years, biked or bused everywhere and was super fit. Granted I was never pulling a trailer with kiddos and all their crap, but maybe that just what I need to turn this soft mom bod back into super fit biking mama. I could use a little help on the hills with this! Is it wrong to make a small investment for a long term payoff? Or am i just falling into the same backward thinking of the loans? We shall let that simmer a bit longer.

One obvious way to make money is to get a job. I do watch a extra kiddo every other week but that really doesn’t help much. What I need is an evening gig that pays mad cash. Unfortunately I have tried waitressing before and I’m just awful at it. So I’ve been poking around craigslist and indeed and have put my toe back in the job pool. Hopefully I’ll get some bites, that are worth the kiddo babysitter handoff drama and the grumpy husband who would have to do bedtime solo.

We have also thought of renting out or basement like the Harvard debt dude. But we would need to fix up the place so someone would actually pay to live there. Making a small investment in finishing the basement could have huge paybacks in resale value, besides renter income. Truthfully I am worried about peados ….. we would have to but the renter through major background checks and personal references. Anyone willing to go through all that would have to be legit…I hope. I’m going to invite a couple of my favorite mid twenties, professionals, who love cheap rent to critique our basement and give me honest feedback as to what we would have to finish and how much we could charge.

So I’ve got the ball very slowly rolling towards making more money. Next I’ll have to look at how we can try to save money, yuck, that one is less fun.