This is awesome! We’ve got crap to sell, I could try once again to get a job (the last few attempts have been far from fruitful, but if at first…), and flasks are cool!

No More Harvard Debt

Day 214 | $90,717 paid | $0 till freedom

On August 29th, 2011, seven months ago to the day, I went online to check the balance of my student debt. I graduated from Harvard Business School with my MBA and $101k of student debt in May 2009 and I had made 21 monthly loan payments of $1,057 since then. I was expecting to see a balance of around $80k or so.

I had failed to take interest into account; the balance actually stood at $90,717.

Feeling trapped, I challenged myself to pay off my student debt within ten months.

I had no idea how I was going to do it. I didn’t have a huge stockpile of cash, my 12-month salary after tax was less than the balance of my loans, and the ten-month timeline was completely arbitrary. I had a mortgage on my house and two cars and a…

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